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As with the apps mentioned above, you categorize every trip you take by swiping left or right and Everlance offers built-in workday intelligence. It should be noted that most of the other tracking apps can tell the difference between driving and walking. I found that Everlance collected everything from hikes to train trips. Everlance provides very detailed reporting.

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That's because Mileage Tracker uses an iBeacon in your vehicle to notify the app that you've begun to travel. So the app begins and ends tracking every time your phone enters and exits your vehicle full disclosure, I wasn't able to get an iBeacon in time to test it for this article. There's an upside to this. Mile Tracker won't collect mileage information for every trip you take, whether it be by plane, train, or automobile.

But the downside is that you you have to remember to manually begin GPS tracking in order for the app to track where you've gone. It also wants to keep odometer reading information which may make your mileage tracking more consistent with what your odometer reads, but which also seems unnecessary for something that's tracking your actual movement in time and space.

Mileage Tracker's reporting tools are good enough to satisfy your accountant and the app provides easy categorization with standard IRS reimbursement rates for medical, charity, and business mileage. You can also customize your reimbursement rates if your company pays your more than the standard IRS rate.

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That's a pretty good deal. But the app's categorization process is a lot messier than any of the other apps and I found the user interface to be frustrating. Rather than swiping left or right to categorize your trips after their collected, Mile Cloud uses a scrolling list with categorization tabs at the bottom of each trip. So, unlike other apps where you swipe and your next trip appears, Mile Cloud makes you tap, then slide down, then tap, and slide again.

Which, after using others better designed apps, is pretty frustrating.

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The app's onscreen reporting tools are actually quite nice, but the way the information is displayed on-screen doesn't look as good in the mailed reports. Dajax, LLC's Mile Logger is a free unlimited mileage tracker , which should explain why when I opened it, it occasionally threw gigantic full-screen game ads up before I got to use it for categorizing my mileage. Mile Logger has zero documentation, at the time I looked at the app the Dajax website was a blank white page, so learning how the app works and what some buttons do was more a matter of hunt-and-tap discovery than intuitive and obvious.

But, once you work out the details tracking miles with Mile Logger is pretty simple. As with all the apps but Mile Cloud you swipe left or right to log a trip as a personal or business trip. Mile Logger is the only app that offers no options for categorizing charity mileage. Reporting in Mile Logger was the most basic of all the apps I looked at. You'll be able to use the app to capture business miles you need to get reimbursed for.

But it's super limited compared to the other programs. There are dozens of mileage tracking apps out there. Are there others you think are better? Are there things you hate about these apps? Skip to main content. Buy the new MacBook Pro today! Those are the must-haves. Everything else is icing! You can set it up to automatically trigger and start tracking your travels by several nifty methods. You can set it up to begin tracking your travels when it connects to Bluetooth in your car or when you travel at a certain speed, say 10 mph and several other methods.

I set it and forget it. I never have to remember to turn it on when I start driving and it has been flawless in its operation. It, like many of the apps, also saves all your travel data to the web or cloud and you can login there to sort, analyze and download reports. Every year when I do my taxes, it takes me just 10 minutes with TripLog to accurately obtain all my business driving mileage data.

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TripLog has a free basic plan that saves your GPS mileage tracking , showing your actual driving routes on Google maps. And it is this version that comes with the ability to be fully-automated in connection with the Bluetooth connection in your car. TripLog has recently come out with a very nice looking modern version 2. Probably the best thing about TripLog is its complete and unfailing automation.

You can literally set it and forget it. You can tell it to log miles only during certain hours or on certain days. Or, you can tell it to log all miles when certain conditions are met.

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I have it set to begin logging all miles when my phone is connected to BlueTooth in my car and when I am moving at more than 7 mph. And it has never failed. Another very convenient feature of TripLog is you can put a widget on your screen that will instantly tell you its status. It also backs everything up to the cloud and it allows you to take photos of receipts in order to record expenses outside of mileage.

In the Android app store, TripLog has a high rating of 4. It also has more than , installs — signaling that the app developer is dedicated to it and will be around for a long time. You can also write notes on it describing what the exact nature of the business expense was. All-in-all, this app will do everything you need as far as tracking not only your mileage but all your business-related expenses. But, the really cool thing is that Hurdlr can login to your Uber and Lyft accounts directly and get your income.

Then, it will tell you exactly how much your estimated taxes are — on the fly. At any given moment, you can check with the app and see your driving income minus your mileage expenses and minus other expenses too! If you have a business bank account setup just for your business income and expenses, Hurdlr can login to your bank as well and get your actual deposits and expenses from there.

And since gig economy workers have to pay estimated taxes quarterly, Hurdlr can give you a quick snapshot and a rough estimate of how much those taxes might be.

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Hurdlr can be programmed to connect with all kinds of gig economy jobs — not just Uber and Lyft. It can also connect to Square, so if you take any business payments with Square it will be able to integrate your income from there as well. That makes it much easier to make those quarterly tax payments. As far as mileage tracking, I have tested it and it works fine. You can set it to let you manually tell it when you want to begin tracking or you can set it to automatic and it will begin tracking on its own.

When you set it to automatic, it can take up to a half a mile of driving before it kicks in and starts tracking your movements. That means you could lose up to a half mile every time you start up again.

Best milage tracking apps for business

All in all, this is a very solid choice. Not available on Android iOS Website. Everlance has an excellent 4. But the weird thing about their high star rating is I found a lot of serious complaints in their reviews over the last couple of months. So, I went in and added up the total star ratings in their most recent 50 reviews and averaged them together and I came up with just a 4. That is indicative of a product that has recently had some problems — but that otherwise has had a good track record. It tracks your mileage automatically using GPS so you no longer need to keep a mileage log or logbook — all you need to do is let the app record your trips in the background and swipe which trips are for business.

They also have a cloud service where you can upload photos of your business-expense receipts to their web servers. The app is designed for minimal battery consumption and IRS compliance. And part of those minimal capabilities is the fact that they will only allow you to track up to 30 trips per month. And that is obviously not going to work for Uber drivers. While they have an excellent rating at 4. The app developers of MileBug have apparently spent a lot more time working on the iOS version than the Android version. The Google app store has them rated at 3.

And the Android customers have serious complaints.

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It is a generation or two behind design-wise. But with the apparently buggy MileBug, that feature is missing. We recommend staying far, far away from this app! So if by chance you happen to have one of those subscriptions, you can use this app at no additional charge. This app will do a solid job recording your miles but it comes with several annoying design quirks that might make it a bit of a headache.

You can only view them by month. Another annoyance is that there are only two ways to view your reports. They can be emailed to you or you can view them online through a desktop web browser.

Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App
Surest Way to Use Mile Tracker App

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