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I have problems , I get messages through your site with audio recording , but when you let them go through the VLC player , I can not hear , and files are only about kb? Hi, i haveinstalled the app…but the manage apps application when opened shows all the apps installed and it clearly says spy call recorder….

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I installed this app befor 4 days to my sons phone samsung s3 since yesterday it was working ok and now I can only get record audio files if I call from my number only both in and out I cant see any other record of other numbers. Hii Software is very good one problem I get is that this app is install as call recorder in phone so is there any way to change this name in android phone application manager.? Records not uploading to my e mail pls help I try few times to get call records but not working Im using the call and sms tracker also so I see the target phone has many calls but its not uploading to my e mail its not in my spam folder also.

I mean if I know the id and password of the registered mobile…. Unfortunately no, as one need to register to the app by specifying email id and pin so we do need physical access to the phone at least for 2 minutes. How to hide from there. Otherwise anyone can discover it in the settings. In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, how extensive much time recording?

All conversation time or have any limitations?

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Were you expecting any fee? Regarding access for 2 min, you need to have the mobile in your hand to dowload the app, install it and register. Srihari or provide me your contact detail so that I can contact u or if u want mine then please mail me as soon as possible. That error you must be getting if space is full. Do try to clear space by deleting unwanted apps. Are you able to install other apps, like angry birds or something?

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I cannot delete any records. It was normally on the buttom of records page. Please fix this issue. I test it in all browsers IE, Firefox and Chrome. When you click on any audio it will take you to another page there you can delete all records. You can play directly on the phone. Only to play on desktop you need VLC player. Unfortunately Viber calls are not recorded.

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I am not aware of any app that records it secretly. Will let you know once i find it. It is working as intended. I earlier installed it on a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, which is no more. Later I installed it on a Samsung Grand Prime. I used the same email for registering on both devices.

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When I login to the website http: It unfortunately deleted all my data for both phones and unregistered me from both phones. When I tried logging back into the website, it is asking me to register. Request you to please help restore my login and account. Heyy… it is not getting registered on blackberry z Installed everthing is fine… But when i register it shows only loading… not gwting registered.

Hello, Thanks for this wonderful app.

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I have tried this http: But the issue is that the target phone usually have the recorded files appear on media player music player on the phone. Also, it leaves a setting icon on the phone. When the target clicks on it and could not get into the app because of its unknown password, when closing the app, it usually display a message like an advert on the face like Other free and Interesting Apps Friends tracker, Cell Tracker, Track my phone, Street Lens, Cell Tracker Remote. All these will display in a screen with the exit and visit our website button down.

If these appears the target person will quickly understand its a spying app on his phone. So its not secret any more. Pls I will suggest you find a way to completely make the app icon settings not to be seen on the phone. Let it be hidden completely. I will appreciate your response to this. Hi David, thanks for your feedback. App icon can be hidden by going to app settings and enabling hide icon option. After that it will not be visible in app drawer and user will not be able to click it. Latest release of trackingsmartphone 4 days back has more features.

Records will not get listed in media players and even the folder is hidden. Request you to try the features out in your mobile first before putting in your dependents mobile. Hello, Thanks for this wonderful app I install Remote Call Recorder on Samsung galaxy grand I rooted but only call details are visible. Record file are of only 32kb and not playing in vlc media player.

Hi Humberto, Unfortunately we have developed app only for Android devices. Will let you know when we have the app for iPhone as well. You can try http: It has the feature you mentioned. This is the great app. Only face one problem. Some call recording are miss, why this is so. After download to server, is file available in mobile? Each request will pull only 10 files. Hi Kishore, you can try http: It not sowing repeat call. It sowing only the first call. Call recording also same thing happening.

Manny time it not pulling data. This is strange as i have not seen or heard about this problem before. Are you sure all your records are pulled? The server pulls only 10 records at a time so you need to pull it multiple times. Let me know if its still the case. GCM Command is bit unpredictable, sometimes it delivers to mobile instantly and some other time it take hours.

I want to stop email notification of uploaded files to server. Unfortunately emails cannot be stopped, since the GCM command is bit unpredictable we need to have email functionality to notify users once its uploaded. You can however add a filter in Google Mail if yours is gmail to send mail to thrash if the subject line has specific keyword. I have installed the app in my phone micromax nitro. The records show up on the website but do not play on any player. The size of record is only 5kb. Can you help how to solve this problem.

Your app is great…!!! I wish to ask however, if the target mobile data was turned off when a call was made and later, the data was turned on. Would I be able to get that call that was made while the data was turned off? To record calls you dont need to have internet on mobile, the app will record and save it one folder. But to pull calls from mobile you need to have Wi-Fi or Mobile internet.

I installed this app successfully on a cell phone. I dont receive receive call recods.


I am not able to listen the downloaded call recordings, even in VLC or Windows media players. So far it works most of the time.

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  6. All and all it has worked well.

    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download
    Spy Call Tracker Blackberry Free Download

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